Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener Remote


This article documents the steps I took to program the Clicker Universal Garage Door Remote (model # KLIK1U) with my GeniePro Screwdrive garage door opener (model #CM7600IC/A).  It covers the following:

  • Tools you need to do the job
  • Steps to program the remote with the garage door opener


Recently my GeniePro Screwdrive garage door remote control started failing.  I know it wasn’t the battery since I have replaced it and it still fails to work.

Lately my wife has been opening the garage door for me to that point that when I leave work, she gives me 30 minutes to get home and she starts checking once the 30 minutes is up.  Then as I arrive, the garage door miraculously opens, thanks to my patient and thoughtful wife.

Well, I love that the door opens without me using a remote, but I would not impose such a task on anyone.  So I ordered a universal garage door opener–specifically the Clicker Universal Garage Door Remote (which I ordered through for about $25).  It came in on time as advertised by Amazon.

Tools Needed

To get the job done, I needed the following tools:

  • Scissors — you need this to open the typical molded clear plastic used in the remote’s packaging
  • Phillips screw driver — you need this to open the light cover of the garage door opener; this will expose the smart/learn button of the garage door opener
  • 6 foot ladder — in order to comfortably reach the garage door opener, I used a 6-ft ladder

The Steps

Basically, you need to do the following tasks in order to get this job done:

  • Review the Clicker remote setup instructions
  • Open the garage door opener light cover
  • Push the garage door opener learn button
  • Push the buttons on the remote
  • Test the remote
  • Done

Getting it Done!

I reviewed the setup instructions multiple times.  One key thing you need to remember is that you need to determine which set of instructions you need to follow–Smart/Learn Button or DIP switch instructions.

For my case, I followed the Smart/Learn Button set of instructions.

GeniePro Screwdrive Smart/Learn Button

GeniePro Screwdrive Smart/Learn Button

Here’s a list of the steps I took:

  1. Open the light cover of the GeniePro Screwdrive garage door opener.  You’ll need the 6-foot ladder and the phillips screw driver for this.  This will expose the garage door opener smart/learn button.
  2. Slide down to open the Clicker front cover; it will expose the program button.
  3. Press and hold the program button until the remote LED turns ON.
  4. Press and release the garage door smart/learn button; the garage door opener LED will start flashing
  5. Press the remote button 1 six (6) times; on the sixth press, the garage door opener LED will stop flashing, but will remain lit.
  6. Press and release the Clicker program button.  The garage door opener LED will turn off.
  7. The remote is now programmed for the Genie garage door opener.  Press the #1 Clicker remote button to test if the garage door opens and closes.  If it works, you can re-install the garage door opener light cover, and you’re done; otherwise, you may have to repeat the above steps.


I needed a new garage door opener remote.  I bought the Clicker Universal Garage Door Remote (model # KLIK1U) for about $25 and it worked perfectly with my GeniePro Screwdrive garage door opener (model #CM7600IC/A).

There is a question on our student’s knowledge list that asks “What’s the most important tool in life?”

The simple answer is “goal setting.”

We are now in the middle of the first month of the year–January 2016.  By this time you should have 1 to 3 goals already set for the year.

Here are some thoughts about setting goals:

  1. Set no more than 3 goals for the year–anymore and you will be out of focus.
  2. Set goals that are realistic.
  3. When making a goal statement, it is best to state something that you are going to do versus something you aren’t.  For example, you might say that this year, I will stop drinking soda.  Instead, state that you will drink more water.  This replaces the bad habit of drinking soda, which is what you really want.
  4. Make sure to pick worthwhile goals.

Why is goal setting important?

Without a goal, a person can go through the year without direction or purpose.  Without direction, it is difficult to achieve anything.  Goals help us focus.  If you keep you goals in mind, it will help you take action towards achieving them.

In the process of updating my grandson’s new computer (an Acer Nitro V15 laptop) from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I ran into the error C1900101-20017—some error about Windows failing to update.

I tried to update it again, but I ended up with the same result–Windows 10 upgrade failed.

Finally, I realized that there is a UEFI firmware interface option called Secure Boot, an operating system protection mechanism against root kits, which could probably be blocking the update.  To get to this, I needed to get to UEFI by pressing F2 (your computer may have a different means to get to this) while the computer is powering up.

Once in UEFI, I disabled the Secure Boot option in the Boot tab, saved the settings, and restarted.  I again attempted a Windows 10 upgrade, and this time it worked!

If this worked for you, let me know by commenting below.