Several years ago, I purchased a XBOX 360. I opted for the XBOX 360 4GB because of price. I thought that 4GB was enough. But with the massive growth in size of software applications as a result of storage price going down, some new games that came out for the XBOX 360, especially in 2014, will only work on XBOX 360 models that have a built-in hard disk drive. Destiny is such a game.

After some serious searching on, I found the perfect drive–a generic 500GB hard disk drive designed for the XBOX 360 slim form factor model.

The drive came in within 2 days.

The most challenging aspect of installing the drive was figuring out how to open the bottom of the XBOX 360 case.  I did a search on and found a video that showed me how to open it.  As it turns out, no tools are required–just your finger to pull a latch, then pry the cover open.

Once the drive bay is open, just push the new drive in until you feel that it has snapped in.

When you turn the XBOX 360 ON, go to the SYSTEM settings and look at the storage section.  If everything worked out, XBOX 360 will detect the hard disk drive and will make it available for storage.

Google “courtesy” and this is what you’ll get:

“noun:   the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.”

Courtesy is “the” very first tenet of Taekwondo.  It is number one because of some of the things we learn to defend ourselves.

Imagine, for example, someone learning various techniques that can hurt others.  Then imagine that this person is not a nice person.  This sounds like a bully and a dangerous person.

Think about it?

As martial artists, we are held to a higher standard by others and ourselves, because we know that without courtesy, we can be a danger to others.

This week, look for examples of courtesy at your school, at home, at the mall, and everywhere.  Share what you saw so that others can have a better understanding of the number one tenet of Taekwondo.