Running Notes

Kicking It to the Finish Line

2010 Bridge to Bridge

[last updated:  25 Jun 2012]

I’ve been a casual running since the late 1980’s where my running buddy–Major Gregor–encouraged me to run at least 5K a every day.  Back in my Air Force days, my last assignment was at Peterson AFB in Colorado.  Peterson AFB is one of those military bases close to the city of Colorado Springs–the home of the Olympic Training Center.

The longest distance I’ve ever run in a race is 10K.  Today, I’ve run two marathons (2010 Chicago Marathon and 2011 California International Marathon), and a couple of half marathons (2010 Avenue of the Vines in Lodi, CA, and 2010 Stockton Half Marathon in Stockton, CA).

In my younger years (around early 30s) the fastest I’ve ever done a 12 K (Bridge to Bridge in San Francisco, CA) was 55 minutes.  Today, decades later, the best I’ve been able to do is on a 12K was 1:07 (67 minutes), and the best 10K I’ve done was in 2011–50 minutes.

Like most people, when you train for something, you reach a certain plateau and never get better.  I know it is possible.  The notes in this page are primarily intended for my use so I don’t forget tidbits of information that can help improve my health, and in the process make me run faster!

Moving forward, I’ll be putting links or short notes in here on matters related to physical fitness for people 50 years older and beyond.