The one constant in education is the triad subject matters of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Regardless of how technology has evolved and revolutionized how we do things, the triad remains and continues to be the base for our educational foundation.

That said, technology has played and is continuing to play a key role in education today.  With the widespread deployment of computing devices in many school districts, some say the computer is the new pencil and paper.  It could be if you continue to think using the old educational paradigms, but it is several orders of magnitude beyond this.

I see technology as a skill and learning multiplier, as a medium providing access to both documented knowledge and live expertise, and as a communication aid to bridge language, culture, and geographical boundaries or gaps.  It is the ticket to infinite possibilities.  Stop and think about it for a moment. It is really mind-blowing how technology when integrated in education, can facilitate, enhance, or even propel forward the learning experience.

With this in mind, below is my vision to help support and enhance education through technology–the essential components of a technological infrastructure for education:

  1. High-speed Wide Area Network (WAN) (10 Gbps or higher backbone)
  2. High-speed Local Area Network (LAN) (10 Gbps or higher backbone)
  3. High-speed Internet access (1 Gbps to 10 Gbps)
  4. Dense WiFi coverage everywhere
  5. Reliable, durable, portable, affordable, and compatible general purpose computing device per student that has a battery run time of 7 or more hours
  6. Staff who are well versed on effective integration of technology in the classroom
  7. Professional development program to help perpetuate staff who are well versed on the effective integration of technology in the classroom
  8. Technical support team who can effectively and efficiently support the infrastructure
  9. Management who truly understand the importance of proper integration of technology in education