Today’s temperature (lows in the mid 60s, highs in mid 90s) wasn’t ideal for a long run, but I had to make do. I know I can no longer deal with running later in the day when the temperature gets too high. So I woke up early, real early–about 4:30 am! By around 5am I was loosening up.

Based on my own estimate, I figured today’s run was going to take me around 3 hours. I took it easy, with the goal of basically just  finishing this long run.

At the onset, my legs felt somewhat heavy. By mile 10 they were getting sore; and by mile 15 they were hurting, and the hot weather didn’t help either.

I finished the run in 2 hours and 56 minutes. This put me at an average pace of around 9 minutes 20 seconds per mile. Not too bad.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to run today.

 Next weeks run is going to be even tougher–20 miles!

Right now as I type this, I am reminded of this morning’s run as my legs are still sore.  I might just take 2 days to recover; I’ll know by tomorrow.