Juancho E. Forlanda’s Resume


  • Nine years of current experience as an Information Services Network Supervisor at Stockton Unified School District (SUSD), supervising 10 technicians and supporting the entire Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure of the District
  • MS in Computer Systems (Computer Networks/Databases) and BS in Electrical Engineering (Digital Electronics)
  • Experienced in establishing and maintaining relationships with outside resources (e.g. Cisco, Microsoft, HP, and Google) to help enhance or improve the benefits gained from existing or new ICT
  • Three cumulative years of experience as Director of QA & Tech. Support at two high tech companies
  • Proven leadership skills as a manager, with over 19 years of supervisory/management experience
  • Over 30 years of combined experience in positions requiring technical skills and knowledge in the ICT field
  • Experienced in building and establishing strong Software QA and Technical Support teams
  • Practical knowledge and understanding of the Internet/Web technologies and computer/network security
  • Adept in the use of various end-user devices running Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • Proficient in the use and application of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS in the creation of custom web applications.
  • Effective written and verbal communicator
  • Always maintains a positive mental and “can do” attitude
  • Always learning


  • During the recent SBAC field testing at SUSD, I improvised a means to quickly report problems and address issues.  It gave the test administrators and proctors a quick and easy way to report field testing issues to my team via a web-based interface, as compared to the traditional phone-based reporting system, which most thought would take long to get through.  It also allowed my staff, who were on alert, to quickly see and respond to problem reports.  The results were less stressed test administrators and immediately identifiable issues that received a response within 30 minutes of being reported.
  • I planned, implemented, deployed, and supported almost 9,000 laptop computers with charging carts at SUSD for use in curricular programs like Rosetta Stone, NWEA’s MAP testing, Mind Research’s ST Math, and SBAC field testing.  These laptops had special Windows 7 images which were designed to auto login to help reduce wait time during instruction time.  These were also designed for easy over the network re-imaging should the operating system become corrupted.  This setup significantly reduced helpdesk calls for non-hardware related issues.
  • At SUSD, through an energy conservation program under PG&E, I was able to acquire a web-based power management and helpdesk system worth almost $100K.  This was based on Dell’s Kbox (previously known as Kace Kbox).  After implementing the power management system, the District saw its electrical bill go down by at least $250K per year.
  • I was the SUSD Classified Employee of the month in February 2011 (http://goo.gl/lRXTDd).
  • While at Internet Security Systems (ISS), I developed a quality assurance (QA) Doctrine designed to help the company think a certain way with respect to product QA; this document has reached all levels and was used as a reference by QA engineers.
  • I saved several accounts through customer site visits (some with Sales and/or consulting) which resulted in resolution of issues to the satisfaction of customers like Motorola, Dell, Accenture, Ascension, Boeing, and Baxter Health Care; this translated to saving millions of dollars in potential sales and maintenance renewal.
  • Through creative and initiative thinking, I was a catalyst for change at ClickNet Software (an asset management/auditing software company) who later changed focus/market to become Entercept (a computer/network security company).
  • During the early stages of product release, I improvised a support forum for BlackICE Defender users at no cost by utilizing free services available through the Internet.
  • From scratch, I built a strong QA team capable of testing all aspect of Network ICE products, and I established a competent, yet cost effective group of consumer technical support agents and corporate support engineers. The consumer support group handled 400 e-mails/day and about 10 phone calls/day (from a customer base of 300,000+ people; the corporate support team handled both e-mail and phone support supporting some 300+ customers, including field sales engineers.
  • I was the primary driver in the development of the Network General Corp. FDDI Overview and Guide to Troubleshooting publication which received an Award of Distinction (the top prize) at the 1994 Society for Technical Communications Northern California Technical Publications Competition
  • I was acknowledged as a networking expert in multiple networking publications (Troubleshooting TCP/IP and LAN Troubleshooting Handbook, 2nd Ed.) by Mark Miller

Technical Knowledge & Skills

  • Networks: Ethernet (10BaseT, 100BaseTX, Gigabit), FDDI, switched Ethernet
  • Network Protocols: HTTP, SMTP, FTP, TCP/IP, IEEE 802.11,IEEE 802.3 MAC, IEEE 802.5 MAC, FDDI MAC, FDDI SMT
  • Operating Systems:  Windows 7 & 8, Windows server 2003/2008/2012, ChromeOS, iOS, Android
  • Programming Languages:  PHP, JavaScript, CSS,HTML, JAVA, C, C++, BASIC, Bourne/Korn shell
  • Programming Environments:  Eclipse, Visual Basic, NetBeans, VCS, Borland C++Builder, Microsoft C 6.x
  • Tools & Applications: Wireshark network analyzer, Sniffer Network Analyzer, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Google Apps, Office 365 web apps, MS Access/Excel/Word/Project/PowerPoint, MS IIS 7
  • Web Site Framework:  WordPress, Joomla
  • End-user Devices:  Chromebooks (HP Chromebook 12, Toshiba Chromebook, Acer c720), iPad/iPhone/iTouch, Android-based phones/tablets


  • MS in Computer Systems with emphasis in Computer Networks/Databases, 3.7 GPA, Dec 1988, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH (thesis: Performance Analysis of FDDI)
  • BS in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Digital Electronics, 3.6 GPA, Dec 1983, San Jose State University , San Jose , CA (senior project:  LED-based digital spectrum analyzer for audio frequencies)
  • Software Testing and Analysis Review conference, May 1-5, 1995
  • Network Security Seminar, Nov 11, 1996
  • US Air Force Squadron Officer School, 15 Jun 1990

Work History

  • Stockton Unified School District (SUSD)

Jul 2005 – present:   Network Supervisor at SUSD—Manage and supervise up to 10 technicians which supports SUSD’s entire information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.  This includes supporting the computer, server, network, printing, scanning, phone, and Internet needs of around 3,700 employees and around 37,500 students at Stockton Unified School District–a serious feat considering it involves 57 geographically separate sites interconnected by dedicated point to point 1Gbps to 10Gbps fiber links.  The SUSD ICT infrastructure includes over 150 virtualized servers, 800 network switches and routers, 2250 wireless access points, 10 wireless controllers, and well over 25,000 computing devices.  The support load for this infrastructure generates over 10,000 documented calls per year.

  • Self-employed

Jun 2004 – Jul 2005: Software Testing and Development Consultant—Develop test framework using JAVA’s JUNIT to facilitate testing of an embedded server application; research technology to solve problems including communication security, user authentication, and user authorization through use of JAVA JSSE and smartcard technology respectively. Developed proof of concept for the use of smartcards on the client side of an SSL server-client scenario.

  • Internet Security Systems (ISS)

Jun 2001-Sep 2004:  Lead QA Architect—Primary goal is to help improve product quality across ISS. Established a QA doctrine for engineering and established common entry/exit criteria across all QA within ISS; oversee QA efforts across all projects within ISS by reviewing test plans (and their execution) and their corresponding product release viability; functions as field engineer/ISS technical ambassador as necessary to major customers (e.g. Motorola, Unilever, Dell, Baxter) having critical and high visibility ISS product issues specific to Real Secure Desktop Protector, RS ICEcap Manager, RS Guard, and RS Sentry.

  • Network ICE Corporation

May 1999-Jun 2001: Director of QA and Technical Support—Was the 9th employee of this startup company.  Position reported directly to the COO. Established and managed a team of 7 QA engineers, 8 consumer product technical support agents, and 5 corporate support engineers (to include the Technical Support Manager). Was a key player to the success of testing, releasing, and supporting of both their consumer (BlackICE Defender) and corporate (ICEpac suite) products.  Aside from the duties of a director, the position required many skills, from technical hands-on work in the testing area, to technical troubleshooting with customer on the phone or on site (both pre and post sales), to leading a test team through tight delivery schedules, and to training new personnel on the inner workings of the products.

  • PinPoint Software Corporation (a.k.a. ClickNet Software)

Sep 1998-May 1999: Director, QA & Technical Support—Responsible for budgets, evaluation/hiring/termination of QA and technical support personnel, designing/implementation/maintenance of the QA/Tech Support lab, planning/testing/release of the company’s main products; is a key player in the release of various versions of the company’s products (e.g. ClickNet Y2k 5.0, ClickNet Professional 4.5); established QA process to help improve the overall quality of the software products and the customer satisfaction for this startup company (~60 people); strengthened the technical skills of support personnel by providing them with training

  • Network Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Network General Corp. and McAfee Associates)
    • 1996-1998: Manager, QA Engineering, Total Network Security Division—Responsible for budgets, evaluation/hiring/termination of QA personnel, the design/implementation/maintenance of the QA/Development lab network, the planning/testing/release of CyberCop 1.0, and the development of CyberCop manufacturing procedures); note that CyberCop 1.0 uses web technology to transfer alert data to a security administrator’s console
    • 1995-1996: QA Engineering Supervisor—Responsible for managing up to 10 personnel, budget inputs, test planning, and actual testing of follow-on releases of Distributed Sniffer System (DSS) 3.0/4.0, SniffMaster for Windows (SM/W) 1.2, SniffMaster for UNIX, & Reporter for UNIX 1.0
    • 1993-1995: Test Lead—Responsible for planning and testing the first and follow-on releases of the FDDI Sniffer 4.1/4.11, SM/W v1.0/1.1, Reporter for Windows v1.0
    • 1991-1993: System Test Engineer—Responsible for automation of protocol decode testing and testing of protocol decodes for the Network General Corp Sniffer v4.0 by writing test programs using C.

United States Air Force

1984-1991: Served as an officer in the US Air Force specializing as a Communications-Computer Systems Engineer –Responsibilities & duties: development of statement of work for the installation of telephone outside plant distribution systems, plan/design/implement LAN distribution systems, provide engineering consultation on communication/computer-based projects, review/recommend changes to technical/policy documents, evaluate/recommend computer hardware (h/w) & software (s/w), install/configure/troubleshoot computer h/w & s/w products, manage the planning/scheduling/execution of worldwide-based executive conference in support of our continent’s defense; honorably discharged at rank of Captain