If you happen to manage a network, and you can’t afford some of the most expensive network monitoring tools out there, check out The Dude.  This program will map out your network and provide alerts so that you can ensure your system components are always up.

There aren’t too many occasions when you can get something of real significant value from Microsoft–i.e. something good for free.

On this posting, you will find that web hosting is something you can get from Microsoft with some real added value!

  • web hosting service has no ads
  • it comes with a free domain name — free for 1 year
  • provides domain specific email addresses
  • online office space

Check it officelive.com!

Ever heard of OpenOffice?  Well, it is an open source office application suite from sun.com.  It has all the essential functionality of Microsoft Office without the hefty $200 plus price tag.  It is free!  It has the following primary applications: 

  • Writer – word processor
  • Calc – spread sheet
  • Impress – presentation program
  • Draw – graphics package
  • Base – desktop database
  • Math – equations/formula creator for your documents

Check out the product reviews!

According to sun.com, it has the following key benefits:

  • Available in more than 90 languages.
  • Works with many different operating systems.
  • Provides word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more.
  • Stores all your data in a ISO-standard format (ODF).
  • Can read and write Microsoft Office files.
  • Can be used free of charge by anyone for any purpose!

Download it now!