Why do martial arts schools take promotion tests?

In the senior white belt attendance card, there is a question the students need to learn–why do we take promotion tests?

The answer to this is pretty simple and is applicable to almost anything in life that involves tests.  Here’s the answer…

There are three (3) things to keep in mind regarding why we take promotion tests:

  1. To get better.  We get better because in preparing for a test, we practice–a lot.  This practice gives us more experience and lets us become better through repetition.
  2. To gain confidence.  When we test, we have to stand in front of our peers and an audience.  The fear of that and messing up is enough to really make you nervous; but with practice and focus, you will gain more confidence in front of others.
  3. Let a qualified judge determine if we get promoted.  Promotions in martial arts require that judges determine if you are proficient enough to take on the next rank.  If you pass, you will move on to the next belt and new challenges.

If you are up for the next promotion test, keep these three things in mind.

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