Tenets of Taekwondo: What’s its purpose?


Tae Kwon Do

At the school where I used to teach, we start every class by reciting the tenets of Taekwondo.

“Tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, victory”

What is the purpose of reciting it, and what is the tenet’s purpose?

We recite the tenets every class so that you never forget what they are.  By repetition, we ingrain them in your mind.

Now, it doesn’t do anyone any good if you know the tenets but don’t really know their purpose.  The tenets provide a general guideline of behavior and action.  In life, there are way too many situations to dictate all possible responses.  These tenets are general enough so that the martial artist can make the best decision about how to handle almost any situation.

By knowing them and applying them, you can be on your way to becoming a better martial artist.

Recall the tenets of Taekwondo:

  • Courtesy – Be courteous and respectful of others; in short, be nice to others.
  • Integrity – People can depend on what you say and do; you can be trusted, and you are responsible.
  • Perseverance – In the face of adversity, you fight on and never give up; if you fail at something, you figure out what went wrong and keep moving forward.
  • Self-control – Sometimes anger can overcome one’s common sense or a strong impulse can cause one to lose control;  there are many temptations out there, and a strong self-control can keep you from doing the wrong thing.
  • Indomitable spirit – Set high goals and go for them; to succeed in life one must have a purpose–set them and go!
  • Victory – Having a positive mental attitude can help you overcome almost any situation; infact, it can help you learn!  Where one sees a problem, you should see an opportunity!

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