A Tribute to my Wife, my Children’s Mother

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to share my appreciation and thanks to my wife, the mother of my kids, on the upcoming Mother’s Day, 8 May 2011.

When my wife and I married, she also ended up marrying the US Air Force.  Where ever I went, she followed. Note that my wife is a college graduate and has a degree in Accounting/Business Management.  Yet when our kids were born, she stayed home for them.  She knew she could have had a career in business, but she chose our kids, and put her career on indefinite hold.

When the kids were born, she would always be the first one to wake up when she hears the baby cry.  She was that dedicated to the care of the kids.

My wife didn’t want nor could stand leaving the kids with anyone, even close relatives just so she can have time to herself.  She didn’t feel comfortable about that until the kids were older–old enough to take care of themselves.  The only time, I can remember ever leaving one of our kids with others was when she went into labor with our second child.  That was the only time!

When the kids were going to elementary school, her days would be broken up with the duties of dropping them off and picking them up from school.  If you’ve ever done that, you know that it is very difficult to do anything, yet she managed.

When the kids were at home growing up, she spent countless hours reading to them and teaching them to read.  My first daughter learned to read when she was 2 years old!

For all the sacrifice and hard work.  A big THANKS to my Wife!

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