All Koryo FTC kids claim gold at Taekwondo Championships

Last Saturday, 06 Nov 2010, all 5 Koryo Family Taekwondo Center kids claimed gold at the 2010 All California Taekwondo Championships held at Bethel High School, in Vallejo, California.

Here are the breakdown of results:

  • Angel: ¬†sparring (1st place), forms (2nd place)
  • Diego: ¬†breaking (1st place), forms (3rd place)
  • Ivan: breaking (1st place), sparring (2nd place), forms (3rd place)
  • Jordan: ¬†breaking (1st place), sparring (3rd place)
  • Sofica: forms (1st place), sparring (2nd place), breaking (3rd place)

Congratulations on a job well done!

Below is the second round of Angel’s 2nd match: