OpenOffice–an MS Office alternative for Free!

Ever heard of OpenOffice?  Well, it is an open source office application suite from  It has all the essential functionality of Microsoft Office without the hefty $200 plus price tag.  It is free!  It has the following primary applications: 

  • Writer – word processor
  • Calc – spread sheet
  • Impress – presentation program
  • Draw – graphics package
  • Base – desktop database
  • Math – equations/formula creator for your documents

Check out the product reviews!

According to, it has the following key benefits:

  • Available in more than 90 languages.
  • Works with many different operating systems.
  • Provides word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more.
  • Stores all your data in a ISO-standard format (ODF).
  • Can read and write Microsoft Office files.
  • Can be used free of charge by anyone for any purpose!

Download it now!

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