Victory: The Sixth Tenet of Taekwondo

Victory:  6th Tenet of Taekwondo

Victory: 6th Tenet of Taekwondo

Victory didn’t use to be part of the tenets of Taekwondo.  At some point in time they added it as a tenet, giving us six Taekwondo tenets to guide our lives by.

What is Victory?  It is a tenet that tells us to have a positive outlook on things.  Regardless of how bad things seem to be, there is always a silver lining in those dark looming clouds.  In simple terms, it is a way of having a positive mental state, and always having a “can do” attitude.

You could also say victory can  be directly tied to our attitude towards things.  If you are pessimistic, then you definitely aren’t exercising victory.  If you are optimistic, then there is a good chance you are applying the tenet of victory.

Here are examples that show a case where victory is lacking, and where victory is applied, respectively:

John is getting ready to test for his black belt.  He is feeling a bit edgy because the final test day is coming and he is thinking that the test will be extremely difficult.  He is particularly afraid of failing to break the dreaded one inch brick.  He continues to get anxious and nervous as the day of testing draws near, and in the process fails to prepare for it.  As a result, he failed to pass on his first attempt at black belt testing.

Jane on the other hand is excited that she is finally getting tested for black belt.  After all, she’ll been training many years to get to where she is now.  With the testing only weeks away, Jane prepares for the test by constantly practicing her forms, self-defense techniques, and many other things that she knows will be on the black belt test.  She thinks that no matter what happens, as long as she does her best in preparing for the test, there is really nothing to be worried about.  And if for some reason she fails, she’ll find out what to fix for the next test.

Can you tell the difference between John and Jane?  How do their attitudes differ, and which attitude is conducive towards their upcoming black belt testing?

You are correct if you noticed that Jane has a definite advantage over John, just in their outlook on things and what they are doing about their situation.  If I were to bet on who passes the test, I see Jane as having a significant advantage over John.  John has already imposed roadblocks on himself through his negative attitude, while Jane just prepares for the test.

The above is just a simple example of how victory can help in your day to day lives.  It doesn’t have to just apply to Taekwondo.  You can use it at school, at home, and anywhere else you happen to be, and under any situation.

I’m glad they, whomever they are, added victory as a tenet of Taekwondo, because with it we have hope.

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  1. Victory can come in handy in business as well. Self-made millionaires for example don’t see failures as “failures”; they see them as a learning opportunities. They learn from their mistakes and make the proper adjustments.

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