Running: How to Avoid Injuries from Slips and Falls

If you are a runner, it is only a matter of time before you find yourself on the ground having fallen or slipped during a run.

Running as a hobby or a way to stay fit is great.  If you have a great running route, it is a way to enjoy the beauty of your neighborhood, your park, or nature’s landscapes.  It is definitely a way to feel the inner you once you’ve reached a state of equilibrium during a very long run.

However, this feeling can quickly be interrupted when you take a spill.  If you don’t know how to roll, you can end up with injuries that will put a major damper on your training.

Below is an illustration of how a shoulder roll is done.  Although it is shown in a martial arts setting, the rolling concept is exactly the same.  Once you get used to rolling, your body will automatically go into rolling mode when you find yourself taking a trip.

How to do a shoulder roll

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