Essential Taekwondo Sparring Gear

If you are looking to do Olympic style Taekwondo sparring, you will need to know which essential pieces of equipment you’ll need to have.  The video below shows which ones you will need.

The essential list of Taekwondo sparring equipment includes:

  • Head gear
  • Shin and instep guard
  • Groin protector (not applicable for females, although a female version is available)
  • Forearm guard
  • Chest protector (hogu)
  • Mouth piece (not shown)
  • Gear bag
The hand protector is optional, but I would recommend using it to maximize protection and minimize hand injuries.  Also, in place of the instep protector, you can use a foot protector; it takes a little longer to put on, but it provides better foot protection coverage.
I would also recommend getting knee and elbow pads.  They are not required, but if you ever get hit on either of those parts, you’ll know what I mean.  They definitely would provide added protection to minimize injuries.

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