Code to Live By

We always recite the tenets of Taekwondo at the start of every class to help instill them into our students.  They are:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Self-control
  5. Indomitable Spirit
  6. Victory

This is basically a list of traits or characteristics we as martial artists live by.  Courtesy is treating others with respect; just be nice to others.  When you do what is right and your word is your bond, you have integrity.  Life is full of challenges; perseverance can help you get over them; you only fail when you quit.  If you don’t let anger or other temptations get to you, you have self-control.  Indomitable spirit is setting high goals and going for them; people need a purpose in life.  With victory, one can radiate positive energy through their winning attitude; there is a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Why is this code important?

When you learn attack and defensive techniques that can potentially hurt people, that is “power”.  With “power” comes responsibility; you as a martial artist have the responsibility of using this power for good.

The original movie “Karate Kid”, clearly illustrates what would happen when this power isn’t guided or tempered with a martial arts code like our tenets of Taekwondo; people who simply learn martial arts techniques become bullies.

Do not take the tenets of Taekwondo lightly; we recite it for a reason.  We want to instill them in all our students.  The next time you recite the tenets of Taekwondo, think about what they represent.

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