Goal Setting: Have You Set a Goal for 2012 Yet?

Goal for 2012

Got your goal set for 2012?(credit: Dream Designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

With 2011 behind us, and 2012 ahead, have you met your 2011 resolution/goal?

If you said “yes”, then congratulations!

You have 2012 ahead, and should be setting a new goal for the year. If you answered “no” or “what goal?”, then remember that one of the most powerful tools in life is setting goals and going for them; so go set a goal already.

You can set any goal provided it is within the realm of possibility (be realistic).  Set a high goal and go for it.   This goal must be breakable into smaller objectives. These objectives must be realistic, as well, and be measurable (in some way); this way it is easy to see if you’ve met it.

Completing all your objectives should lead to your goal.  Sounds simple enough?  Well it is.  It is in the execution where most people fail; but you can do it; just stay focused.

Anyway here’s an example. Let’s say that your goal is to write a book by the end of the year. To do this, you must create multiple objectives as follows:

  1. Write an outline for the book by the end of January.  Book target size is 100 pages.
  2. Write 10 chapters–a chapter per month, starting in February, with an average number of pages per chapter of 10.
  3. Wrap up the book in December (add usual parts like acknowledgments, table of contents, etc.).

You can turn each item above into an objective.  You can probably make ten (10) separate objectivs for the second item.

If you approach your future goals this way, you will almost always reach them.  If you run into issues, learn from them so you can be better next time.

OK.  Now that we’ve got that straight, start thinking of your 2012 goal or resolution.  Don’t wait too long; make sure you get it set this week.

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