Longest of Long Runs

On all marathon training plans I’ve seen and have actually tried, there is always a peak long run which is typically two weeks from the marathon run. Today was the day—the longest of my long runs—around 20 miles!

With my hydration pack on my back, I set my pace to be a very easy one.  I felt sluggish.

At mile 10, I had to take a pit stop as my bladder was starting to affect my run; I could not avoid it like I have in the past.  Luckily there was a McDonalds on my route which allowed for it; and did it feel good.  I don’t feel as sluggish as before, but I didn’t feel as fast as before.

The next 10 miles was a struggle.  I started to feel my left ankle get sore.  This just reminded me to keep my running form and to minimize the pounding.  At 11 miles, I started to eat some gummy bears.  I ran out of the GNU gels a few weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to get more.  The gummy bears seemed to have provided me with the necessary energy past mile 15.

At mile 17 I ate my second pack of gummy bears.  I didn’t feel the onset of weakness at all—a good sign.

My running plan has me do 4 striders starting at about 3/4 of a mile from the finish.  With my feet already tired, I pushed to accelerate over a rough distance of 100 meters, then took a little 30-second jog.

My total running time was 3:45.  Hydration and energy were definitely not a factor in this run.  However, the soreness and the call of nature seemed to have contributed to it.

Anyway, I’m about 2 weeks from the main event.  I’m suppose to taper off on training from this point on to give my body a chance to heal and recover.

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