Market Niche: Determining the Market Niche

Figuring out the market niche I wish to blog about is the very first step.

How did I go about doing it?

Well, I sort of used the suggestions from Pat Flynn and the author of the book “Crush It” and went with a topic that is close and dear to my heart–Taekwondo.

I suppose I could have search the web for ideas.  There are many different ways to do this:

  1. Search on the topic of Taekwondo and see what niches comes up.
  2. Search and see what it brings up at the bottom of the first page on what people may be searching for
  3. Search Yahoo Answers or Web Answers for the topic of Taekwondo and see what people are asking.
  4. Use a tool to find a key word that would serve as the basis for the market niche.

I decided on the fourth bullet.  To do this I purchased Market Samurai.  It is pricey, but I figured that aside from using the tool to determine my market niche, I can use it as a tool to determine good key words for the various articles I know I’ll be writing.

If you want more information about Market Samurai, you can get more information about it by clicking the Market Samurai information link.

The keyword I chose was Taekwondo.  I entered that word and Market Samurai popped up with various key word combinations and their corresponding SEOT (SEO Traffic) values and SEOC (SEO Competition) values.  In using the tool, I focused on the key words that had a relatively high SEOT and low SEOC.  A quick check on the SEO key word competition which shows the various sites that shows up as the 10 sites on google’s organic search results shows that the competition isn’t really there.  The ones that show up there are mostly sites that sell martial arts gear.

I figure that I will capitalize on Taekwondo gear and give people reviews, opinion, and information regarding and relating to Taekwondo gear.

After determining that “taekwondo gear” is going to be it, I checked the availability of the domain.  The best I could do was

When I get a chance, I’ll post a video of how I used Market Samurai to choose my market niche.  It really did save me time in making this determination.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any comments regarding how I approached the selection of my market niche.

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