Is Taekwondo Good for Kids?

Taekwondo child bowing to show respect

Taekwondo child bowing to show respect

As a parent, you might have this lingering question–“Is Taekwondo good for my child?”

The simple answer to this “yes”, for the following reasons:

  • Respect.  Taekwondo teaches kids to show respect; at our Taekwondo school, the student begins by bowing to staff, students, and guests as soon as they enter the training hall.
  • Motor Skills.  Children perform drills which help them become more coordinated–helping them improve their motor skills.
  • Self-defense.  Kids learn that Taekwondo is only for self-defense.
  • Agility and Skill.  Kids learn about the Olympic sport of Taekwondo and through training improve their agility and skill.
  • Self-confidence.  Through training and testing, children are able to build their self-confidence.
  • Leadership.  As children move up in rank, they learn to set goals and objectives to reach their goals.  At higher belt levels, they are taught to lead the class through warm up exercises.
  • Code of Conduct.  Kids learn about the tenets of Taekwondo–courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, and victory.
If your kids take Taekwondo, how has it change them?  Please share your thoughts by posting comments below.

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