Less Corporate Sponsorship of 2011 Bridge to Bridge

In my younger years I would go to the Bridge to Bridge run and do the 12K, every year like clock work.  Back then I think they used to support the Big Brothers/Big Sister charity program.

There is the one thing that I (and I’m sure many others) looked forward to when I crossed the finish line—all the goodies you can stash in your plastic bag.

I recall Raley’s used to be one of the sponsors, and they gave a lot (little boxes of cereal, bananas, and even yogurt).  There were other companies there too; I can’t recall their names (getting old I guess), but they gave away sports drinks, sports bar, little trinkets, and many others.  I would always find my bag full of stuff!

This year is so different.  First of all, there weren’t as many booths with give-away goodies.  This tells you right away that there isn’t that many corporate sponsorship for these worthwhile runs anymore; and it seems to be less and less every year.

When I left the Bridge to Bridge expo today, this is what I had in my goody bag:

  • three half pint chocolate milk drinks
  • a handful of Glide Floss single use floss samples
  • a couple of 0.635 oz of almond nuts packets
  • the run t-shirt
  • a couple of bags to put all these goodies in

I wonder if the economy has something to do with it.  I hope more companies would sponsor this worthwhile event; it definitely adds to the after run festive atmosphere.  They do still have the main events:

  • concert (from some band I’m not too familiar with; of course I’m not really a heavy music listener)
  • massage area
  • various booths encouraging fitness/health club sign ups

Anyway, next year I’ll be back again to support this event; maybe we’ll be out of this economic drought and more corporations will sponsor the run.

Have anyone of you run this event?  If so, what do you think?

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