101 Websites worth seeing before you die. Really? (part 2 of 4)

This is a continuation of a posting (101 Websites worth seeing before you die.  Really? (part 1 of 4)) regarding an article I read on the February issue of Maximum PC.  In the article, it listed 101 websites that they say you ought to see before you die.  I beg to differ on some of the ones listed.  What do you think?

  1. http://demoscene.tv – No.  For some reason the videos on this site would not play.  I tried three different browsers.  If it actually worked for me, I might have a different opinion.
  2. http://www.pbfcomics.com – Yes.  Good entertaining short comic strips.  Look at a few and you’ll get a quick laugh.  A little laugh here and there is always a good thing.
  3. http://handdrawngames.com – Maybe.  If you like tower-defense like video games, you’ll like this.  WARNING!  This game can get addicting; you can end up wasting precious time playing this game.
  4. http://zombo.com – No, absolutely not.  A waste of time.  It seems just babble on and on about you being able to do anything at their site, when in fact, you can do nothing at their site.
  5. http://lparchive.org – No.  Seems to be an archive of old games, information about the, and some videos that show the look and feel of the game.
  6. http://tvtropes.org – Maybe.  If you are a fiction writer, this could be a good resource for you.  This is a wiki site, and it definitely has tons of information to spark writing ideas.
  7. http://autotopsy.ca – Yes.  Gives one a very good idea of circumstances anyone of us can be in before an unexpected collision.  The visuals and video are knit together to form a very cohesive presentation.
  8. http://web.mit.edu/~jmcmicha/www/globegenie – Yes.  You don’t have to physically travel to see the world.  This Google map-based web application allows you to virtually teleport and view the world.
  9. http://games.sticky.tv/cyrkam_airtos – No.  Lots of novelty here, but not enough to hold my attention.
  10. http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/crimson/crimson_e.php – Yes.  If you aren’t from the generation that was fortunate enough to see the birth of the personal computer age, this site will give you an appreciation for how that generation of programmers created mysteries, puzzle, and adventure games.
  11. http://www.tomscott.com/weather/starwars – Yes.  If you are a Star Wars fan, this is definitely where you will want to tune in for weather.  The site provides weather and temperature information that it tries to associate with the weather at a comparable location or planet.
  12. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwh/buildingmaker.html – Yes.  This allows you to see buildings from models created on Google maps by fellow browsers.
  13. http://maddox.xmission.com – Yes.  This is an entertaining blog of someone who claims he’s got the best web page in the universe.  If you are a sensitive or very politically correct, you can skip this site.
  14. http://www.angelfire.com/trek/caver – Yes.  This is an interesting blog by a caver.  If you read the logs and look at the pictures and images, you will almost feel claustrophobic.  If you don’t like tight places, I don’t recommend this.  The bad this about this log was that it was never finished.  Could it be that the caver perished?
  15. http://www.thefuckingweather.com – No.  I wouldn’t waste my time trying to get weather information from this site.
  16. http://www.ilovebees.com – NO.  The site is supposedly about some person who loves bees.  However, the site appears to be messed up. I hope it isn’t infected with some sort of mal-ware; and I hope my computer didn’t get infected.
  17. http://www.ugo.com/games/superhero-generator-heromachine-2-5 – Yes.  If you have ever thought of designing your own super hero, this site has templates and parts you can put together to create your very own super hero.
  18. http://www.photosynth.net/ – Yes.  This is actually a Microsoft site.  It allows you to get a 360 degree view of locations and objects.  The content are actually a synthesis of multiple photos to give one a panoramic view of the subject matter.  It is awesome, and it allows you the opportunity to contribute to the content.
  19.  http://recordtripping.com – No.  This site is a game.  I’m not quite sure what its objectives are, but the animation and audio sound pretty good.  Nevertheless, it felt like a waste of time.
  20. http://www.incredibox.fr – Yes.  This is an interesting way of composing a virtual church choir.
  21. http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com – Yes.  It is a good site to visit one time.  After the novelty wears out, you’ll just get tired watching the firm it automatically generated for your using the address you provided.
  22. http://balldroppings.com/js – Yes.  This is an interesting play on physics and sound.  Here you can control the rate at which the balls drop, the gravity, and the walls that the balls will encounter as they drop and bounce.
  23. http://doritoslatenight.com – This site is now closed.
  24. http://gettheglass.com – Yes.  It’s about milk.  The 3D animation board game can get addicting.  The kids will surely love playing this game.
  25. http://hotel626.com – Yes.  Check in to Hotel 626.  As the name implies, they are only open from 6pm to 6am.

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