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UPDATE:  On May 31, 2012, Club Bing will close.  No more games and prizes.  If you’ve been playing, you had better redeem your points quickly.

Every so often I learn something from my kids who are in their 20s.  They are very active online.  My older one mentioned that she was able to acquire some X-Box accessories by playing games online.  I thought…”who in their right mind would give prizes for free?”; then she showed me.

She went to a site called  “” sounds like site about going to clubs, until the page showed up.  It turned out to be “Club Bing”.  It is a site designed to promote Microsoft’s search engine!

On the site they list various games that causes the search engine to be exercised.  It makes sense.  As you play, you end up seeing various search results, including their ads.

When you play and complete a game, you are awarded tickets, virtual tickets which you can redeem for prizes.  Note that completing one game may result in around 20 tickets.

Prizes range in ticket counts from hundreds to tens of thousands.  My daughter said that when started, there were no limits on how many tickets you could earn per day.  Today they limit winnings to 500 tickets per day.

Go figure.  Some folks may be gaming the system.  Anyway, have fun out there, and maybe you can win prizes in the process.





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