Finishing Stockton Half Marathon in record time--1:56:57

Finishing Stockton Half Marathon in record time--1:56:56

Stockton premiered its first half marathon on 14 Nov 2010. The run featured a 5K fun walk/run for all and a 13.1-mile half marathon run for the die hards. By this time, I consider myself a running die hard. I ran the half marathon.

The day was perfect for running–around the high 40s.  It started and finished by the Stockton Hilton.  The course was nice, as it had some slight uphills and downhills.  It also took us to the better part of Stockton–Brookside.

In the race were 638 finishers–373 females and 265 males.  The average finish time was 2:18:15.  This tells you that this run had some of the most die-hard runners, as that time is pretty good time.  I finished 186th overall with an official time of 1:56:56.

Last Saturday, 06 Nov 2010, all 5 Koryo Family Taekwondo Center kids claimed gold at the 2010 All California Taekwondo Championships held at Bethel High School, in Vallejo, California.

Here are the breakdown of results:

  • Angel:  sparring (1st place), forms (2nd place)
  • Diego:  breaking (1st place), forms (3rd place)
  • Ivan: breaking (1st place), sparring (2nd place), forms (3rd place)
  • Jordan:  breaking (1st place), sparring (3rd place)
  • Sofica: forms (1st place), sparring (2nd place), breaking (3rd place)

Congratulations on a job well done!

Below is the second round of Angel’s 2nd match:

St Jude Childrens Research Hospital

St Jude Children's Research Hospital

A million THANKS to all the students and instructors who participated in our ‘RUN for a CURE’ fundraiser at KORYO Family Taekwondo Center, and a huge THANK YOU to all their families & friends who supported them.

With your help, we raised a total of $2400 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Great job, everyone!!!

This is one way we can give back to the community, whether it is local, national, or worldwide in scope.  What we give comes back to us tenfold, in some positive way or form.