Socks: Why it matters

Most runners don’t think seriously about the type of socks they wear for a run.  I’ve counted myself in the “most runners” category until most recently–which is about one to two weeks ago.

Well, one or two weeks ago I did one of my longest runs–about 8.5 miles.  Before this, most of my runs were 10K or shorter.  The 8.5 mile run I did is the longest one I’ve done for the longest time (I think 17 miles is my actual longest one, but I did this when I was in my younger high school years).

I noticed that I had developed a noticeable blister on my left foot, on the smallest toe’s outer edge.  I thought that the barely noticeable rubbing in my shoes during my short runs was not a problem, but in my long run, it has evolved to a blister!

It was then when I started to think about on-the-spot blister treatment.  I thought that I’m definitely going to get a blister on this Chicago Marathon, and I might as well look into figuring out how to treat a blister should I develop one during the 26.2-mile run. 

In my search for treatment, I saw articles about blister prevention.  In some of the articles they talk of using lubricants and such things to minimize friction on any rubbing parts.  I noticed a discussion on the use of double layer blister preventing socks.   That’s when I thought–“I don’t need lubricants, I need better socks!”

I found a pair at Essential Apparel (  It is dual layer and the reviews on it were great!  Now all I have to do is order it, break it in, and I should be good to go for the Chicago marathon.

But wait, I think I’ll need new shoes to go with that!

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