Core Droid Applications

From the factory, the Droid comes with the following built-in core applications:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Amazon MP3
  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Car Home
  • Contacts
  • Corporate Calendar
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Gallery
  • Gmail
  • Maps
  • Market
  • Messaging
  • Music
  • Phone
  • Settings
  • Talk
  • Visual VM
  • Voice Search
  • YouTube

The unit has 3 desktops you can fill with shortcuts to the above applications and other applications you may install at some point in the future.

The center desktop has the following preset shortcuts:

  • Messaging
  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Browser
  • Maps
  • Market
  • Voice Search

All core applications are quickly explained below.

Alarm Clock

Provides a clock and alarming features which can be set in various ways.  You can add a single alarm, a periodic daily alarm, or an alarm that goes off on certain days of the week.

Amazon MP3

You can browse top music albums or tracks.  You can also browse by genre.  When you find what you like, you can purchase it.


This is the Internet browser.  The browser is location aware.  Through its GPS function, it knows where it is.


Provides basic calculator functionality, including some advanced math functions like sin, cos, tan, ln, log, factorial, pi, exponential, power, and square root.


Your Google calendar will show here.


Provides your basic camera function with still pictures and video capabilities.  The camera can shoot 5 megapixels pictures.

Car Home

The GPS Navigation system.  Has voice command capabilities so that if you wish to go to a particular address, you can say “directions to…”.  Aside from navigation, you can view contacts and the map here.


Your contact list resides here.  Any accounts you synchronize with that contains contact information will go here.

Corporate Calendar

If you synch up with MS Exchange, your corporate calendar will show here.


Provides access to e-mail accounts.


This is a Facebook application to access your Facebook page on the web.  The interface is pretty straight forward.


Provides a means to view pictures and videos in an easy to follow format.


Application for Google’s web e-mail–gmail.


This is just like google maps, but it is location aware.  It will show the Droid’s present location on the map.


This is just like the iPhone’s app store.  The market is where you can get free and paid for applications for the Droid.


TEXTing application.


Music playing application.


By the way, I forgot that the Droid is a phone too.


This is where most of the Droid customization and settings are done.


This is an application for Google’s IM called Talk.

Visual VM

Allows user to view voice mail and source of voice mail.  Voice mails can be managed through the application.  This service cost money to use.

Voice Search

Allows user to do searches on anything using voice commands.


This is a Droid YouTube application.

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