Free but Awesome Apps for DROID

Recently I had the opportunity to evaluate a DROID.  Aside from some very useful and impressive core applications, I found these free jewels in DROID’s application market:

  1. DropBox – in the cloud storage, 2GB free; can be accessed from any device (tablet, computer, smartphone)
  2. EverNote – take notes and save it using any of your electronic devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  3. Thingking Space – an awesome mind mapping utility
  4. 1Cast News – video news which provides highlights of key news events
  5. Advanced Task Killer – allows one to manage the multiple tasks that are running on your DROID
  6. Android VNC – remote control your PC from your DROID
  7. Backgrounds – provides a vast list of desktop backgrounds
  8. Barcode Scanner – reads UPC codes
  9. Cardio Trainer – tracks your position and time
  10. Chess Online Free – good computer opponent
  11. Document to go – read-only capability for MS Office documents
  12. Robo Defense Free – addicting game
  13. Finance – see real-time stock quotes
  14. Flexilis Mobile Security – anti-virus for Android
  15. Free Dictionary Org – handy dictionary reference
  16. FxCamera – create effects on photos
  17. Jewels – game
  18. PicSay – create balloons and other labels on photos
  19. Ultimate Stop watch – analog stop watch
  20. USA Today – news
  21. WeatherBug – location-based weather information
  22. Where – location-based interest finder on google maps
  23. Whois – find out info about domains
  24. WiFinder – see what WiFi signals are around you
  25. WikiMobile – WikiPedia-like access
  26. WpTogo – update your WordPress blog through this app
  27. YellowBook – yellow pages

Do you know of a free Droid application that isn’t on this list but you think is worth mentioning?  If so, let us know; leave a comment.

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