Recently I had the opportunity to evaluate a DROID.  Aside from some very useful and impressive core applications, I found these free jewels in DROID’s application market:

  1. DropBox – in the cloud storage, 2GB free; can be accessed from any device (tablet, computer, smartphone)
  2. EverNote – take notes and save it using any of your electronic devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  3. Thingking Space – an awesome mind mapping utility
  4. 1Cast News – video news which provides highlights of key news events
  5. Advanced Task Killer – allows one to manage the multiple tasks that are running on your DROID
  6. Android VNC – remote control your PC from your DROID
  7. Backgrounds – provides a vast list of desktop backgrounds
  8. Barcode Scanner – reads UPC codes
  9. Cardio Trainer – tracks your position and time
  10. Chess Online Free – good computer opponent
  11. Document to go – read-only capability for MS Office documents
  12. Robo Defense Free – addicting game
  13. Finance – see real-time stock quotes
  14. Flexilis Mobile Security – anti-virus for Android
  15. Free Dictionary Org – handy dictionary reference
  16. FxCamera – create effects on photos
  17. Jewels – game
  18. PicSay – create balloons and other labels on photos
  19. Ultimate Stop watch – analog stop watch
  20. USA Today – news
  21. WeatherBug – location-based weather information
  22. Where – location-based interest finder on google maps
  23. Whois – find out info about domains
  24. WiFinder – see what WiFi signals are around you
  25. WikiMobile – WikiPedia-like access
  26. WpTogo – update your WordPress blog through this app
  27. YellowBook – yellow pages

Do you know of a free Droid application that isn’t on this list but you think is worth mentioning?  If so, let us know; leave a comment.

2009 All CA TKD Champs:  Keith, Diego, and Tiffany

2009 All CA TKD Champs: Keith, Diego, and Tiffany

Please extend a big congratulations to our own 2009 All California Taekwondo Champions–Diego, Keith, and Tiffany.  Last Saturday, 14 Nov 2009, they participated in the Taekwondo tournament called the 2009 All California Taekwondo Championships held in Vallejo, California.

Diego competed in forms, board breaking, and sparring; Keith competed in forms and sparring; and Tiffany competed in forms and creative forms.  Each one of them has been practicing for weeks, and their efforts paid off.

Diego placed 1st in sparring, 2nd in breaking, and 3rd in forms; Keith placed 1st in forms, and 2nd in sparring; and Tiffany place 1st in forms, and 2nd in creative forms.

Each of them had some tough competition in the areas where they placed 2nd or 3rd, and where they placed first, they performed like true champions.

When you get a chance, please stop by to congratulate them.

Check out some of the photos below.  We’ll update the photos once we get more.  For now we have these; sorry about the focus, but we wanted to at least show you our competitors in the tournament venue.

Keith scoring with a back kick

Keith scoring with a back kick

Tifanny waiting for creative forms scores.

Tiffanny waiting for creative forms scores.

Diego about to score with round kick

Diego about to score with round kick