School (DoJang) Rules

The Tae Kwon Do Do-Jang is a place to learn and practice the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do.  While in the Do-Jang, the students must follow the basic rules.  The rules are enforced to maximize the effectiveness of the training environment, and to place emphasis on the development of the students’ mind and body.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Salute and say “Tae Kwon” when entering and leaving the Do-Jang.
  2. Bow and say “Ahn Yung Ha Sae Yo (Hello and How are you?).”  First to the Master, Instructor, Assistant in order of rank and then bow and say “Ahn Yung Ha Sae Yo” to the rest of the students and parents.  Students should put down everything when bowing or saluting.
  3. When the Master or Instructor enter the Do-Jang, stop (suspend) actions and bow to the Master and Instructors at the beginning and end of training.   Those seated should stand.
  4. When entering and leaving the Do-Jang, use words of respect when speaking to the Master and Instructors without distinction of age.
  5. Students shall bow when entering and leaving the training area.
  6. At the beginning of training, stand in line, kneel or the floor, placing the hands on the knees and remain silent for one minute in meditation, salute the National flags, read the tenets of Tae Kwon Do and Students’ Creed, and bow to the Master and Instructors.
  7. After training, kneel on the floor, placing the hands on the knees and remain silent for one minute in meditation, read the Ten Commandments, salute the National flags, bow to the Master, Instructors and other students.
  8. Students who are waiting for the next class to begin should follow the actions of the students in the class in progress and salute the flag, and bow to the Master and Instructors as well as the other students.
  9. The student’s DoBok (uniform) should be well taken cared of and in serviceable condition.  This uniform should be folded nicely or placed inside a bag.
  10. It is compulsory for all students to wear the approved uniform when training.
  11. If the uniform becomes out of place during the training session, turn away from the flags, other students and instructors, then adjust the uniform and resume training.
  12. After the training session, change uniform; fold uniform in approved manner and tie with belt.
  13. After training, make sure that any equipment used is returned to its proper place and that the training areas and Do-Jang is left in neat order.
  14. Students shall use the restroom before they come to class or before starting class (restroom breaks during class disrupts training and slows down class)
    • Anyone using the restroom must shall show respect to the next person by keeping it clean and dry.
    • Little Dragons shall ask the assistance of their parent/guardian when using the restroom.
    • Students using the restroom shall perform his/her share of cleaning it immediate after his/her class.
  15. Personal hygiene is your responsibility.  Clean uniform, trimmed nails, etc.
  16. Loud conversation, laughing, giggling and chewing gum have no place in Tae Kwon Do training.
  17. All students should strive to keep the spirit of Tae Kwon Do, observe the Rules of the Do-Jang and oby the Master and Instructors, as well as Assistants in that order.
  18. Students shall arrive no more than 10 minutes before their assigned class; students shall also leave the training facility no later than 10 minutes after dismissal from their assigned class.

Disciplinary action will be taken if students do not observe the rules as set down by the Do-Jang and penalties will vary, such as demotion of rank, Dan, Poom, Gup, or suspension or removal from the Do-Jang.

It is expected that all students will be dedicated, disciplined and actively involved in the promotion of  Tae Kwon Do and preserve the order of the Do-Jang.

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