Looking to create a social network site?

If you’re like most people, you don’t know nor do you care how the Internet works.  All you need is that your applications and web applications work.  And if you are looking to create a social networking site for your club or any niche interest, and you aren’t too worried about having to buy or own a domain, then Ning.com is for you!  Although I’ve been surfing the net since its boom in the 1990s, I don’t ever remember seeing ning.com.  I heard about it just a few months ago at a technology conference for education where one of the guest speakers established a learning social network through the web services of ning.com.

This platform for a social networks has many potential uses–one of which is a family web site.  I setup my own family website, and because I didn’t want just anyone to see what we have there, I set it to be private.  Thus you have to be invited to get inside my family web site.

If you have a club and want to establish your web presence and also have a means to share with your members, ning.com is perfect.  It is basically a custom myspace.com for your own group.

One very interesting thing with Ning.com is that you can create one account, and through this one account you can setup multiple social networks.

Give it a try.  You got nothing to lose.

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